Villa Dom Aka Mr. Briefcase

Villa Dom 
Aka  Mr. Briefcase 
 When you listen to new artist...what is it that about them that takes them from being an Artist you gave a listening chance to, to being the one among millions who grabs your eardrums. Let me introduce a Hip Hop Artist to you by the name of Villa Dom. Most rappers are just known for their mic skills and some of the things that may attached themselves to their brand...but Villa Dom is presenting a new era of Artist. Villa Dom is becoming known as a “Multimedia Artist”. From producing his own debut solo projects, executive producing several different radio shows for different markets, too running his homegrown music publishing company “Lil Villa Publishing” that will also be self publishing his 1st book “Fatherhood at 19… No tutorial books (A Memoir of Fatherhood). 
With a independent music career that includes opening for some of the biggest acts in the industry, in addition to working with and business consulting for grammy nominated producers like Phillip “Bang Out” Pitts. Dom who is also becoming known as “Mr. Briefcase” being one half of the Hip Hop Marketing/Music duo group “Office Boys NY” who has secured a few independent releases on several respected radio charts and because of his mentoring and teaching new musicians their rights, plus the basic business of the entertainment industry. 
Alphabets to described his latest contribution to Hip Hop with his debut album “Tell the world I’m Coming” is “Lava”, “Calculated lines, with a crazy energy!”, “He tuck ill jewels in his lines with a heavy NY aura, Nice”. Most of the time when you ask Villa Dom to describe his music, he says “press play, the melodics will do it for me”. So below we are going to give you just that preview links to Villa Dom’s newest album “Mr. Briefcase” produced solely by Canada’s own Madd Mann of Fifth Quarter.  
Dom illava 
       Lil Villa Pub        
               The Office Boys NY                  
Engr Music
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