Clarinetto Reeds

Clarinetto Reeds

The clarinet is a wonderful instrument and accompanies me already the whole life. After my classical studies especially the jazz and swing motivated me to make music. The warm sound and the different possibilities of this instrument gives the clarinetists and so me too inspiration, joy and happiness.

Many years I had the luck to tour and play with different bands – Pop, Jazz, Swing and good old Dixieland. You would probably say Jazz includes most of my mentioned music styles. Not for me. I think that each category of music requires certain skills and abilities to play it so, that you as a musician are somehow satisfied. Even if I have to notice, that musicians are never satisfied with their work – at least it is the case with me.

Two years ago I began to realize my dream to compose my own music. My wife motivated me and gave me the inspiration for my songs. 2017 I released two albums MOMENTS and BESAME MUCHO. Important for me is to have freedom when performing my music. What I want say is, that I like to improvise in my songs and play with my clarinet those melody lines which I feel in my heart and soul. I want tell my stories and express myself with my instrument.

MOMENTS is my first album with 14 songs. Romantic and smooth melodies for easy listening. In BESAME MUCHO I did also rhythmical sound – but also relaxed.

Listen to my music and if you like it, I am happy about each stream or download.

Thanks and keep swinging

Clarinetto Reeds

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