Grip Da Bodyrocka - ShoeBox Money

Grip Da Bodyrocka - ShoeBox Money
Grip Da Bodyrocka, steps into the arena, and he is barring none! Grip originates from Cleveland Ohio, and that is where he remained until the age of 15-years-old. Grip has had to fight his way tooth and nail to the top and by far was this rising artist spoon fed by any means.

Grip ran the rough streets of Illinois and Capitol Avenue, North of 39th Street in Indianapolis and Kinsman Street in Cleveland Ohio.

Da BodyRocka knew at a very early age that music was his passion, however, he didn’t begin to start to get serious about perfecting his craft until the year of “2007” with making his mark on the Hip-Hop industry with songs such as “Can You Keep Up” and “Ima Beast” collaborating with artist such as Abyss “The femaleMc,” Bricc Hard, Bone The Butcher, Taru, Sons and Wildlife ENT and many more to mention, as well as Working with major producers such as Midwest SoundLab, Mr. Universal, and King David of “Sideway’s ENT” also putting in work as CEO/Founder of BBM ENT. and Moosey Cal, Co-Founder of BBM. Managed by Kal Dawson former CEO of Murder Inc. & A&R of Def Jam.
No.. Grip hasn’t stopped there, he continues to make huge leaps and bounds with his mixtapes “ Grip Talez, Grip-ology, G-$status,Explosionz mixtape “Game from all ends” and Currently working on his up and coming album “Sumthin Serious” Grip Da Body Rocka is giving the people something to nod their heads to, Da BodyRocka is sure to be a hit in every city and state that he touches. Keep ya eyes and ears peeled wide open because if you blink too damn long you will have missed every lyric he spits and the Hottest new artist on the rise.. And with plenty of shows under his belt from state to state sharing his passion in every city he stumps. As Grip aka Da Bodyrocka(Mr. Cuttem Off) always says quote #breakbreadorplaydead
Phone# 9707794688

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