Increase - 24 Hours (Feat. StandUpGang Woe)

Increase (born Steve Renous June 22 in Jamaica, Queens in New York) began learning music from a young age during the late ’90s, always listened to his mom’s vinyl collection and would constantly turn the dial on the radio listening to every FM radio station that would play in North County St. Louis. Increase learned to play the violin in grade school, sang in church choir for a few years in middle school, and would participate in rap freestyle circles during lunchtime in high school.

Today, Increase desires to become a force to be reckoned with on the music scene. His rap music is greatly inspired by some of the rap game’s most renowned rappers and entrepreneurs such as Master P, Jay-Z, Notorious B.I.G., and Wu-Tang Clan. His production influences are wide ranging from Dr. Dre, DJ Premiere, and Kanye West, to J Dilla and Madlib.

Increase is driven by his passion for art and carries with him an uncontainable desire for growth which is where his name comes from. As he continues to rise in popularity and appeal, the world should expect more music from this evolving talent. ~ Rita Nancy

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