Myles High - 3 Ways

Myles High - 3 Ways

Lawrence “Myles High” Williams is an independent Hip Hop/Rap artist from Greenville, SC. Originally born and raised in Denver, Colorado he moved to South Carolina in 2006. Due to his Colorado origins he chose the name Myles High because he is from the "Mile High City". He began writing poetry at a young age and around the age of 15 developed this talent into writing rap songs and freestyling. 

His main influences being Jay-Z, Eminem, T.I. and Ludacris, Myles High considers himself a lyricist that brings multiple flow styles, clever metaphors, and punch lines, and combines them with a unique sound that visits the events in his life. Commonly he relates to the everyday person with subjects regarding jobs, family and daily life struggles. He has performed in Colorado, South Carolina and Georgia and worked with more popular artists such as VIC and King Los.  

Check out Myles High’s engaging new single "3 Ways" describing what it’s like to go out on a date broke, but together with his loyal lady, reach heights never expected by onlookers. 3 Ways is available for listening, streaming, and purchasing on all major music platforms.  

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