The Django Riders

The Django Riders

Coming at you all the way from the endless plains and rolling hills of Middle Tennessee it’s The Django Riders, a 4 piece group of jive honkies looking to make a name for themselves off the almighty religion that is Rock N Roll. These cool cats preach love for the living and practice prejudice against any system put in place to prevent their fine brothers and sisters from doing so. 

This boogie is made for the righteous, dreamers, and free thinking bad mama jama's who rise up each day to take in as much as this groovy little planet will allow, before that sunset limited makes haste and finds its way to their doorstep, can you dig? This isn’t about hate for a broken system; this isn’t about raising your hand in victory only to watch your brother stand next to you in defeat. 

This is about a revolution, immortality, and an understanding that we’re all in this far out existence together. Here’s the skinny on how things went down for these smooth operators. Front man Jay Cathcart use to carry a tune for the Portland, TN-based rock band The Oblivious Humans. Luckily that man found the good funky word and was soon writing for a new project. Saved by blues and livin’ off soul Jay found himself in the company of Josh Gentry, the baddest bucket banger Nashville, TN had to offer. Gentry was never about slow shuffles or western swing.

Traditional country drumming never found its way into his veins. His blend of rock and hip-hop style drumming brought an aggressive style to the group that had been absent in the songwriting before this skin playing Neanderthal came around. Now you can have beats and you can have rhymes, but God didn’t make the groove so that you could leave out the guitar slinger. Enter a 6-string plucking gitbox playing fool by the name of Tim Cathcart. His daddy was a working man and his mama could play the hellfire out of a piano. 

He was brought up on Christian and Western, with a rock and roll soul and a country pickers fingers, he decided to settle on playing a little bit of everything. The band had their heart and soul, the only thing missing was the balls. Sweet children, I tell you now, no one had a bigger bag of meaty clankers than bass player Daniel Raymond. Dan’s wide range of musical taste and creative technique made the fellas not only begin to redirect their music but completely change the style all together. CONTINUED......
The result is this soul singing, government defying, rhythm breathing band of mofo’s that stand before you today united under one understanding, to share the word of gettin down.

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