Ghaazi Ali - For Me

Who's gonna ride FOR ME??? The latest track off Ghaazi Ali's freshman album Now or Never. Directed and Produced by Son_Production, located in New Orleans, LA.

Southern hip hop and rap music of the 90s influenced many artists growing up in the New Orleans area. With the noticeable increase in worldwide fame and notoriety of Lil Wayne, Birdman, Juvenile and Master P, young artists from the hoods and wards encompassing New Orleans realized that writing and rhyming can get you out of community oppression. One talented lyricist, writer, entrepreneur and business owner fueled and inspired by these game changers is now on his own path to success as the next up-n-coming artist out of New Orleans, Geremy H.B. Allison, artistically known as Ghaazi Ali.
Geremy H.B. Allison was born in July of 1989 to parents Gervais H. Allison Sr and Rhonda M. Allison and two older siblings. Raised as a Baptist for most of his life, he followed a different religious path as he matured spiritually. As he grew in his faith as a Muslim, he took his Shahdadda in 2016.When asked about his spiritual change in faith and how it has influenced him as an artist Geremy warmly stated, “Islam is more like a way of life.”
Geremy first started rapping and recording in 2008 as G-Tune with a group called G.G.Y.E (Goose.Gang.Young.Entrepreneurs). They recorded in a backyard studio and performed at open mics around New Orleans. Eventually the group disbanded and Geremy gradually began transitioning between religions, feeling “as if I was creating a new me.” So, in 2017 Geremy fully embraced his evolved self and changed his artist name to reflect his growth. Ghaazi Ali was born. He explained that Ghaazi is a title given to a Muslim man and means champion., the victorious one. Ali was chosen in reverence to Muhammed Ali as Ghaazi felt that “I’m the greatest one and the best there is.”
Music has always been a part of Ghaazi Ali’s life. His musical path began when he entered Jean Gordon Elementary and learned to play the snare drum. He continued his interest in music as a 7th grade student at McMain High School where he marched with the Marching Mustangs and in the 9th grade was a student and member of St. Augustine High School’s famous band; The Marching 100.
When hurricane Katrina engulfed New Orleans in 2005 during the beginning of the school year, Ghaazi Ali and his family were displaced and moved from Baton Rouge to Tennessee. He eventually relocated back to New Orleans and began his senior year with a setback. He was removed from the music program for behavioral reasons, but that did not affect his love for music, it only inspired him to continue his passion for rapping.
In 2013, Ghaazi Ali added another title to his name, he became a father to his first born; Geremy H.G. Allison in March of 2013 and his youngest Roman R. Allison in April of 2017. As a new father, Ghaazi maintained his love for rapping, but also knew he had to balance family life with his drive to be a successful artist. His entrepreneurial spirit and dedication as a new father steered him in various directions. Ghaazi worked as a plumber apprentice, a yacht painter, and a mate on the Mississippi River. He also established Winners Only LLC in 2017 which consists of multiple businesses; BillionAir Party Rentals and Winners Only Clothing & More, an online store where men and women can find stylish, trendy clothes and accessories.
As Ghaazi Ali’s business ventures provided his family with a modest income, he decided it was time to continue his pursuit of a music career. Taking his career into his own hands, Ghaazi wrote, recorded and distributed locally a 10-song mixtape he titled; “Unknown Mixtape” in reflection of his struggle as an “unknown talent just waiting to be found.” It wasn’t until CO’Baby, CEO of Phreedom Records LLC, met Ghaazi Ali in a t-shirt shop waiting for service, that they started to chop it up. Ghaazi expressed his feeling of being “stuck at the bottom…and not having anybody really stop and listen to what kind of talent comes from here is a constant struggle.” A couple tracks were exchanged between artist and record label owner that led to the eventual signing of Ghaazi Ali to Phreedom Records LLC.
Since then, Ghaazi Ali is no longer “unknown.” He has opened for artist’s such as; Trina, Just Queen Brittany, Webbie, ShortyWorld, Whop Bezzy, Yung Bleu and Jim Jones. He was also given a chance to perform at a community event for Smother’s Academy, an all-boys school in Metairie, LA, where a small concert that included artist’s from around the city like ShortyWorld, demonstrated their craft and created a positive vibe and message for the young men. Success is imminent as Ghaazi Ali recently dropped his first single, “Facts” (available on all streaming sites) and is primed to drop his second single, “Game Sealed” off his debut album “Now or Never.” The official video for “Game Sealed” is already in production and set to drop in August of 2018.
Ghaazi Ali, formerly an “unknown,” is set to take on the music industry and make himself a “well-known” artist and entrepreneur.

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