Carmolina - Back It Up

Carmolina - Back It Up

Carmolina is an international singer, dancer, and choreographer known for her pop and afro-beat fusions.

As a child, Carmolina split her time between the USA and Europe. She grew up with a rich Caribbean heritage and a long family line of talented artists. Her accession to the international stage as a powerful and vibrant performer was inevitable.

The artist is also well known as the lead vocalist for the Makaribas’. Carmolina has also collaborated with famous artists Johnny Ramos, Sizzla and Mauris Styles. Her brand new single “Back It Up” follows her successful solo album releases “Real Love” and “Keep A Float”.

If you enjoy the likes of Sade and Janet Jackson, Carmolina is a must! She brings a powerhouse vocal performance enriched with afro-beats, jazz influences, and a pop aesthetic.

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