Cash in on L.A new Social Reform Program and ride the wave into the fastest growing industry in the world.

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Priority will be given to applicants with low incomes residing in disadvantaged areas, and with a previous cannabis conviction. Candidates must also have professional experience and a strong business acumen to be considered.

The reality is, cannabis-licensing applicants with the highest potential for success are still missing important components necessary to start-up their retail business — including capital and expertise. These candidates have been relying on resources, like the MJ Social Equity Program to supplement their application.

The MJ Social Equity Program is funded by a series of publicly traded entities that provide financial assistance to successful applicants for up to $250,000.

The MJSE program provides direct business expertise, tools, technology, inventory and professional guidance necessary to help you start up and manage a successful cannabis business.

  • Cannabis business services
  • Cannabis dispensary truck

MJ Social Equity will actively mentor and support applicants throughout each stage of the licensing process. We offer full inventory supply with flexible financing terms, tax administration and remittance, retail and human resource management.

Plus, applicants have a chance to earn even more through the MJSE Affiliate Marketing Program. Referring another applicant can earn you an extra $2500. 

There’s no limit to how many friends you can refer within the 200 licenses issued in the social equity program.

See if you qualify today.

In order to qualify for the Social Equity Program, candidates must meet one of the requirements below and have a strong resume.

Applicants must be able to submit past tax filings and records to prove their residency, income, and prior cannabis convictions if any.

We look forward to hearing from you and working with you!

Prior cannabis conviction requirement:

  • Candidates must have a cannabis conviction in California prior to 11/8/16 and make less than $41,230 per year.
  • Or
  • Low-Income requirement:
  • Candidates must make less than $41,230 per year and have a minimum of five years cumulative residency in a disproportionately impacted area.
  • Or
  • Specific area impacted requirement:
  • Candidates must have 10 years of cumulative residency in a disproportionately impacted area.
  • Please see the list of zip codes below to determine if you are eligible to apply:

Area/Zip Code

Baldwin Hills/Crenshaw 90008, 90016
Boyle Heights 90033
Broadway-Manchester 90003, 90061
Central Alameda 90011, 90058
Downtown (San Julian Park) 90013
Downtown (Skid Row) 90013, 90014, 90021
East Hollywood 90027
Florence 90001, 90003
Green Meadows 90059, 90061
Hyde Park 90043
Hyde Park/Crenshaw 90043, 90062
MacArthur Park 90057
Vermont Knolls 90044, 90003
Vermont-Slauson 90044, 90003
Vermont Square 90037, 90062
Watts 90002, 90059

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