2051 Glen - Its Up


Im from east Atlanta zone 6 2051 the Hamp .

What made me start rapin was my uncle og 
Pie told me to come to his Studio to talk and he ask me to do a song went in and did it and I just liked it every Since then .

My next two Singles songs come out are ITS UP/Caution ,.I came up with them songs cause 
I Remember the times I was down and now ITS UP !! And the song Caution I’m Speaking on my Dress code cause I knw I be dripping and I should be a Fashion design , I got the Juice!!!

I’m also dropping my ITS UP video soon and the Caution video is coming soon also.
I just started rapping when I got out of Incarceration for 8years I was 15 years old when I got my time y cause I was goin Through a lot at the time my father got killed 2007 drug deal went bad . The time I was Incarcerated I had time to think I told my self if put my mind to it I can do it . And the Words I can’t should never come out my Mouth . So I told my self all I need to do when I get out is stay prayed up get money and stay out the way! 

2051 means a lot to me and it Stands for to is 
Scroogle, Pain, Motivation,Potential!!!!

Last but not Lease My religion IFA is a African religion that gets u closer to yo Ancestors that u never new about and Teaches u how to keep Negativity away from u . And for people that don’t knw we Believe in GOD and it’s not anything bigger then GOD!!!!



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