Carvery - Annabelle

Carvery - Annabelle 

Aaron Carvery, artistically known as Carvery, is a Canadian urban singer, songwriter and producer from Montreal, Quebec.

As the son of platinum songwriter and producer Chuck Ice (Dubmatique), Aaron was exposed to music at a very young age. By the age of eight, Carvery found himself leaving classes early to get into the studio with his father recording his first music.

At nine years old, Carvery had his first performance alongside Chuck, opening for legendary rapper Snoop Dogg. As Carvery went into his early years as a teenager he began bumping heads with his veteran musician father. His love for music didn’t allow that to stop him from creating. He continued defining his identity as an artist by continuing to develop on his own as a writer.

By 2019, Carvery opened up for Jacquees and Yung Tory, released three debut singles (Make10, Come My Way, Patek), signed his first distribution deal (Sony Canada) and partnered up with Chiech Beatz and Kevin Suto to begin two businesses (Moonshot Media and Break the Box Studios).

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