Heistheartist is not your average singer/songwriter.

Heistheartist is not your average singer/songwriter. His music is rooted deep within folk and pop, with a sound that reminds of artists like John Mayer, Ed Sheeran, or Sheryl Crow, only to mention but a few! 

Heistheartist first encountered success in the porn industry, becoming a sought-after star! Later, he took on a modeling gig after singing with Frost Models. However, he was always passionate about making music, and this is exactly why he focused on becoming a singer! Recently, he recorded a stunning rendition of “Confidently Lost,” as made famous by Sabrina Claudio. What’s really special about this song is that it really relates to the artist’s background in the porn industry, making for a really compelling and engaging story!

If you heard a jazzy spin to his vocals, you are quite correct because he started as a jazz singer under the name LeeMann Bassey and peaked at number 7 on the Itunes Jazz France Charts with his rendition of the Jazz standard “Summertime.” 

He has vowed to be an all genre artist and has released singles in Gospel, Rock, R&B, Jazz, country music, EDM and Hip-Hop. His all-genre initiative was inspired by his Idol Nicki Minaj’s multi-genre chart dominance.

Heistheartist is currently embarking on an East Asian musical venture. His latest Single “Luck” just dropped in Japan and China and will soon be released on January 21st in Korea by the highly regarded Korean music distributor Sound Republica. The single is about the importance of teamwork and having people in your corner that you truly can depend on, an idea that will play important during this upcoming Olympics in Tokyo.

His EP “I Can Do Bad All By Myself” debuts on April 1st and will include his single “Luck.” The EP will have a mixture of Hip-Hop, Jazz, and R&B songs all in the Neo-Soul tradition.  
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