Josekris - Impulse

Josekris is an artist out of Raleigh, NC that is creating his own buzz out of the new wave of artist coming out of NC. His lead single from his new project "Impulse" Crash is a very catchy, but yet emotional track. This song meshes together melodic flows with pure and raw emotion. He really gives you a song you can vibe to and at the same time makes you hang on to every word as he spills his emotions out over an instrumental. 

This album was very well put together from the track placement to the content. There is a song on his project for everyone. It takes you from a very fun upbeat side of Jose with songs like "Drugs You Should Try" and "One Night" that then has this gradual transition to a much darker side of Jose's life and thoughts with records like "Crash" and Void". In tracks like "Home Now" he really shows off his versatility with making a pop record detailing his past relationship issues. Josekris may be the next big thing that comes out of NC!

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