Claudia Santiago - Bring My Angel Down To Earth

Claudia Santiago

International Recording artist Claudia Santiago releases her latest emotional, romantic, and mesmerizing pop/R&B single ‘Bring My Angel Down To Earth’. The track delivers downtempo acoustic instrumentation, lyrical depth, and a grasping vocal by Claudia Santiago. From the very start ‘Bring My Angel Down To Earth’ delivers a melancholic vibe with its rhythmic latin acoustic guitar and soothing vocals. Claudia Santiago’s vocals offer eclectic harmonies, soothing verses, and an overall intimate tone. 

Undoubtedly, ‘Bring My Angel Down To Earth’ can impact the listener as it contains every engaging and catchy element for a pop and R&B fusion track. The track contains lyricism that delivers a touching message and a chorus that will resonate with every listener. Claudia Santiago’s rise to success is due to her excellent talent, incredible life-story and a loyal team of heavyweight industry professionals. 

In this single, the work of seasoned songwriters: Anthony Little, Justin Timberlake, and Kenny Lamb are featured. The downtempo beat with the acoustic elements gives the vocal a passionate, romantic, and intimate feeling. ‘Bring My Angel Down To Earth’ will take the listeners into a trance with relatable lyricism, musical catchiness, and the well-rounded production. 

About Claudia Santiago Claudia 

Santiago is a Canadian, Chilean born, international singer, songwriter, and entertainer. Having overcome a civil war in Chile and life-threatening disease and other extenuating life obstacles, she has an incredible life-story of overcoming! In this new season of her career, she brings her victorious message but also seeks to create music that will touch different aspects of the human condition, love and interpersonal relationships, making it relatable to every listener. 

Her powerful vocals are mixed with her ability to also bring soulful, soothing and sensual vocal interpretations gives her music an identity that is unique to Claudia. The multi-lingual singer brings charm and awe in her performances as well, making her a well-rounded artist. Through touring Europe, Canada, the United States, Latin and Central America, Claudia Santiago has been able to grace people’s ears with her vibrant, passionate and heart moving music around the world. 

Moreover, Claudia’s uniqueness is also due to her not conforming to one single genre, rather she crosses pop, rock, R&B, Latin jazz, jazz and dance. Inspired by love, nature, beauty, architecture, and relationships, Claudia’s future releases will feature energizing and moving rhythms, emotional messages, beautiful melodies, and soothing vocals. Claudia Santiago is a must-listen artist as her voice will take anyone into a musical journey. 

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