Fantastic Mr Marcel - Tiger In A Room

Fantastic Mr Marcel - Tiger In A Room

Fantastic Mr Marcel returns with some new material after a short pause in making music. Following the success of the mix tape "Stop Calling Me Names", he comes with a more upbeat utopian, aggressive and confident style with a new alter ego called "The Villain!"

He is pushing is own boundaries with modern and vibrant sounds whilst also giving his listeners a chance to be involved in releasing his new music.

There are two fresh new albums with two different sounds, titled “Pink Suit” and “Blue Suit”. One is predominantly hip-hop (The Villian) and the other (Fantastic Mr Marcel) will have a Soul Pop vibe.

Listeners will vote on Facebook which out of the two albums they would like to hear, there is a little twist as they won’t know which album is “Pink suit” and “Blue suit” adding to the anticipation.

One of the feature songs "Tiger in a room" Fantastic Mr Marcel is trying to understand himself and where he fits in due to his wild and chaotic lifestyle. His Chinese zodiac is a tiger and the style of music he adopts is upbeat happy and ready for the party!! This mixture creates a wild and exciting party tune that is sure to catch listeners attention.

Stay tuned and make sure you vote to see his take on both styles. Out Now!

instagram - @fantasticmrmarcel

twitter - fantasticmrmar2

Spotify - or Fantastic Mr Marcel

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