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Giovanni Ortega, known as Lamar, is a 21-year-old rapper and singer/songwriter from La Jara, CO that has a population of only a few thousand. Growing up his whole life listening to varieties of music especially coming from a Hispanic and agricultural background it was heavily influenced in his family. Lamar started writing and freestyling his songs at the age of nine. His first songs were recorded on a handheld recorder and that's when he first started to take more of a passion for the arts of music and poetry. 

Over the years, Lamar progressed and reached out to people through his music which would eventually begin his small jump start in 2015, where Lamar gained the attention of B2D (, the owner of Bellavino Billionaires. 

This is where Lamar would start making a name for himself in the music industry by the help of B2D and meeting more involved with the game. Recently in 2019, Lamar dropped his new catchy and innovated single "Best Side" ( which was released under his new Label/Brand "OOOh Records". With more views and Lamar's fanbase rising every day he's making an impact and a statement to show he is here to stay.

Contact info: or
Giovanni (719)298-8199 or (719)588-1671

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Track: Best Side

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