D.be Jayri - Freedom Song

D.bé Jayri - Freedom Song
D.bé Jayri is a globally influenced music artist who uses different vocal techniques to inspire the human soul. Born and raised in Kingston Jamaica, Jayri started singing in the Church at the age of 8 years old. His style of singing and music consists of many genres including Gospel, R&B, Soul, Dance (Soul House), Pop and Classical (Opera). Though the Church maybe a typical starting point for many Gospel, R&B and Pop artistes, he has taken, and wishes to further share his talent in different areas of life and societies.

In 2001, at the age of 14 years, he decided to pursue a profession in music, he desired to become an international recording artist.

Now a two time graduate of York University, Canada, while during his Graduate Studies (Masters degree) in African, Caribbean and Latin American history, he got motivated to create and release his first EP album "Soul Glimpse," in 2016, which introduced D.bé Jayri to the music industry. The completion of his Master’s Degree in 2017, then propelled his passion to begin his next music project called “Glorious, Beautiful and Black." This album incorporates the power of music, history and story-telling and ranges in genres from Soft Rock to Soul, to R&b, to Alternative, to Gospel and Classical. 
Now completed and released in 2020. Glorious, Beautiful and Black is ready to take on the world and show what D.bé Jayri truly represents.

All of these songs are off my latest album called "Glorious, Beautiful and Black" released January 2020
The latest single from the album that I am promoting is called "Freedom Song" 

Here is the YouTube link to my music video: https://youtu.be/JaGKR_df1AM

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