Lessons by YUNGUSH

Lessons by YUNGUSH

Born Shawn Usher in the Channel Park Homes Projects of the resort city of Long Beach, New York. YUNGUSH was raised in the church and always listened to his Minister mom, joyfully sing a multitude of spirituals in his home and church. At an early age, Usher started mimicking his hero's Jayz, Nas, Jadakiss, which lead him to becoming an MC. "These icons influenced me to become a rapper, listening to their music, how much respect and love I had for them telling personal stories really helped me". 

Due to bad decisions in his life, Ush found himself in and out of the pennial system. While incarcerated, he had plenty of time to reflect about his life and came to the decision that the rap game would be his destiny, and began writing, and developing his skills, with lyrics concentrating on his life experiences. Once out, he established himself as YUNGUSH, by competing in the competitive rap battles scene all over the New York city region, culminating in a successful Show Case performance in Miami Beach. Didn't like terms of the labels pursuing him, decided to start his own Label, Man Up Records. 

With the aid of Long Island's legendary producer, SCRAP, and the encouragement from Jim Jones, his debut album, Story Of Myself, is due out May 2020. "I see myself going where ever I can to expand my brand, and through expansion going straight to the top". On March 6th, YUNGUSH released his first single, "Lessons", and will follow that up with the release of " Message". Lyrics are True. Follow all the trues of YUNGUSH. Learn the Lessons. CONTACT INFO: Bruce Butler- bruce.paul.gmusic@comcast.net

FaceBook - yung.ush.94
Twitter - @YUNGUSH93
IG - @yungush___
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/yungush5-1

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