Mancito Telfort - Stars prod by. Kyle Junior X Datboigetro

Mancito Telfort - Stars prod by. Kyle Junior X Datboigetro

The first lines he ever used to diss another student was coined from Ludacris with his own variation of "Stop drop kaboom rub cream on yo pimples" and also "they far from little" which threw the crowd into a frenzy at the lunch table. From than on he would occasionally rhyme here and there until a childhood friend told him to start writing rhymes. He never truly took it serious at that time but growing up in a problematic home writing became an escape from reality. 

Over the years He would sharpen his lyrical skills through freestyle battles and ciphers, while also grooming his street intuition and hustle.

Utilizing Business, Money, and Street Knowledge coupled with Real Life Experiences forms the basis of Mancito's music and lyrical style. Bringing a different perspective on todays social problems and solutions to deal with them. Mancito grew up listening to Snoop Dogg, Lil Wayne, Boosie and several others and has since realized in hindsight that music played a huge role on shaping his perception on the world growing up.

He is currently leading Corporate Music Executives, Inc. as CEO and founder. Mancito states his #1 goal is to help disadvantaged and high risk individuals transition into elevation providing hope and motivation to those marginalized by society and/or growing up in tough situations we there they are trapped in poverty, drug addiction, abuse and even racial profiling. He stands as a voice for the people.





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