Jonevill Flizzay - Im Sorry


Jonevill Flizzay - Im Sorry

Bringing a unique personal twist to music, Jonevill Flizzay is an artist who focuses on an often overlooked genre in music, namely hardcore hip-hop. His work also has touches of gangster rap with a hardcore Memphis funk vibe. The hardcore quality of his music as well as the raw energy is one that his listeners really connect with and find it rather fulfilling.

Getting into music for Jonevill Flizzay was a necessity because he saw it as a way of keeping him and his little brother out of the streets. Born and raised in Memphis, Jonevill's natural talent in music was complimented by his perseverance and need to continue making music. 

His listeners have also resonated with this quality and given him a positive response about it. While Jonevill has not played at big venues, he has been doing the trench work necessary like open mics all around Memphis. He has also done features with other artists, including Locodunit 1/2 of Seed Of Six DJ Paul's Nephews, K-Fixx of Dread Gang and Mike Kaoz of Kaotic Klique.

Given his unique sound, his listeners say Jonevill sounds like a member of 3-6 Mafia. However, he believes that he just embodies the sound of underground Memphis Rap.

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