Angela Bond


Angela Bond

Angela Bond’s sultry vocals are like someone crossed Etta James with Ella Fitzgerald. Dynamic and emotional, Angela’s soulful sound and heartfelt songwriting reminds us to appreciate our lives no matter how much it gives us the blues.

Angela graduated from Berklee College of Music with a degree in songwriting and received her masters degree in vocal performance from California State University, East Bay. As a true songwriter, her original music is both catchy and inspiring and ranges from pop/rock and Latin to country, Christian, and blues. 

Angela is a seasoned performer who is constantly performing at festivals and local venues. Whether at a coffee shop, just relaxing on a Saturday or at a festival, energizing a crowd, Angela is a versatile and memorable performer.

On a personal level, Angela loves spending time outdoors, in her garden, and with her two children. She strives to lead a peaceful and spiritual life and her newest EP, Boundless (2019), was a practice in embracing something that cannot be easily labeled and shouldn't ever be restricted. Always a closet dancer, Angela's boldest statement was to do her own dancing for the "Could've Been" music video and to break away from the piano for awhile and front the band during the live shows. Some people see age as a terrible thing, but it has taught her to be fearless and to deny the labels others regularly place on us. It is a constant practice to not say, "I can't" or "I am just..." In her own words: "Life is a blank canvas. You can be whatever you want. Just imagine it!"

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