My name is ELTON NIL known as I ANGEL for stage name and I am a South African and founder of a group called THUGGA RASS FAMILY.

THUGGA RASS FAMILY consist with two members, Me, Elton Nil and my friend EDMUND SONNENBERG known as ROYAL SACK YOUTH as stage name, we are both South African and we are called THUGGA RASS FAMILY.

We are a recording band in Reggae genre, since we were young, we grow up listening to those legends BOB MARLEY, LUCKY DUBE and many more……

They songs inspires us and I decided to make a group, we were 5 by then but others later moved out from the group, we left only 2 of us. We decided to remain like that as we grow up as friends.
Since then, we have been recording and performing live around in our country (South Africa). We never stopped working on new materials, after many years doing so, we had a chance to be signed and now we are under a recording label, releasing music professional and international.
Its something we dreamed since, and wondering how it will happen, through hard work we managed to get noticed with one manager and give us that chance.

Now we have our first single under new management called NIYO ENTERTAINMENT RECORD, and other on the way.

Our music is Reggae, as we have listened to legends and we decided to work in their footsteps, reggae has been part of us for long time, we go down to the roots of it where those legends started, in few years have seen that reggae is losing its momentum, that’s why we keep it to the original point.
We still busy in studio, preparing our EP and continue to release few singles before our EP come out. We believe that with this sound, people will have a taste of those reggae songs and come back to original dance.

We have been recording and performing before, but now we are doing it professional and we could not be happier.

We still a growing group wants more and achieving goals which includes feature those international starts and performing international.

Our management are doing incredible job for our career, things we never though that will be possible but now we have a taste of it.

Now, we have our single out on all platform, it has been released this month on 15 April 2021 and other will be next month on 5 May 2021.

Name: NIYO
Cell: +2781 585 1128

This is nldsolutions

This is what Urban Digital Radio is supposed to sound like. We spin the whole record with no talking over it. We play Hip-Hop, RnB, House, Reggae, Funk, Urban Jazz, Pop, Ol' Skool, and Gospel.
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