Nok (pronounced like “Nawk”) - Hold Up (Fresh Version)

Nok (pronounced like “Nawk”) - Hold Up (Fresh Version) 
 Conceived and raised on the coast of the Northeast, Nok (pronounced like “Nawk”), is no stranger to the power of music. As a New Jersey native, Nok has always had a strong love in his soul along with an unyielding burning passion for music. 

Majority of the contributions that Nok made to the music community occurred in the underground scene while toggling back and forth from New Jersey and New York. From battling in nightclubs, local communities, and working in studios for other aspiring artists, Nok has worn many hats while trying to find his place in the music industry. 

Though there were numerous obstacles and opponents who tried to prevent Nok from sharing his gift with the world, Nok never let it discourage him which, ultimately, worked in his favor. Through tragedy, heartbreak, sorrow, and sacrifices (such as deleting all of his social media), Nok continued to hone his craft as an artist, entrepreneur, independent music producer, and songwriter. 

The ongoing tests that life continued to throw at Nok led the introverted independent music producer to restart from ground zero and continue to keep building until this very minute. The debut single, "Hold Up (Fresh Version)" is a radio edited version of a track from Nok’s upcoming freshman LP that is scheduled to be released within the final months of 2021. 

For Nok, this is beyond delayed gratification. For Nok, this is divine time.





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