Eclectic Artist Damien D Carter Releases His New Single "Jesus Will Be Right There"

Eclectic Artist Damien D Carter Releases His New Single 
"Jesus Will Be Right There"

Healing From A Stroke And Finding the Light of Jesus through Empowering Music: Eclectic Artist Damien D Carter Releases His New Single

Finding the Faith that Jesus gave him while he was in a hospital and healing, Damien D Carter’s new music is a ray of hope, love, and life for the faithful.
Spreading the word of Jesus Christ, Damien D Carter’s new song is one that will make all faithful listeners proud of the effort that has been made by him, and have them coming back to the track.

Built from the ground up for not only those who have a connection to Jesus, but also for those who want to come back to the righteous path of Jesus, the new single by Damien D Carter “Jesus Will Be Right There” is one that is for listeners of all ages and creeds.

Discovering the path of God, after having healed from a stroke, Damien wants to do for others what God has shown to him, as he can help guide others to the right path. His new single “Jesus Will Be Right There” is a step in the right direction, as he hopes that all of his listeners, and newcomers will accompany him on a mesmerizing musical journey.

Stream Damien D Carter’s music on Soundcloud, or cdbaby where you can also check for more information. Follow the artist on social media, and contact through email for interviews, reviews, and/or collaborations.

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