Gemi Warbucks Drops New Single "Cant Wait"


Gemi Warbucks is an emerging new talent originating from West Virginia. She is a songwriter, a poet, and a virtuoso music enthusiast by heart .Passionate about the art of music since childhood, Gemi grew up listening to her mother’s favorite singers of the 80s including legendary names like Aretha Franklin, Billie Ocean, UB40, and George Michael.

Her friendship with music began with hip hop at the very tender age of 9. Soon her heeding expanded to other genres like gospel, jazz, and even rock .She wrote her first song in the 8th grade while at the same time continued to polish her vocal sound .She is a renowned name among the underground rappers of West Virginia and has collaboratively worked with several artists and musicians .Her extraordinary ability to bring uniqueness to every song and diversity in the content makes her stand out in style and performance.

Full of energy, enthusiasm, and vigor, her musical creations are aimed to evoke a desire for freedom in the listeners. She strives to enlighten a feeling of hope, and motivation for others .She takes her inspirations from great names of the past and the present including artists like Nina Simone, Bob Marley, J Cole, Erykah Badu and many more unsung heroes who create masterpieces of art without having their names written on the walls of fame.

Her exotic lyrical creations are a true reflection of her strong sense of strong acceptance of her sensuality expressing pain and love; justice and freedom .After a long journey of musical meditation and inner healing Gemi has now begun working on her first album called Disrespectfully Respectful due to release (Spring 2022).

Instagram: gemiwarbucks

Facebook: Gemi Warbucks

Youtube: Gemi Warbucks

Spotify – Gemi Warbucks

Email: for collaborations!

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