E. Bandit of the DMV, 25, prides herself on originality, individuality, and lyrical content. Though often explicit, E. Bandit comes with a true message: BE YOURSELF. She has released 3 mixtapes (Clinically F!CKED, Mischief & Mayhem, and BAD NITE) and a collab tape with Jaii Reynolds (Call It What You Want). Her newest project, BAD NITE II: The Arsonist, released May 12, 2015 can be found here! http://ebandit.bandcamp.com/

Shot, Edited & Directed By: @MORGANtheCEO
Produced By: Cartier Jones

FB: facebook.com/officialebandit
IG: @AyyitsBandit
Twitter: @OMGitsBANDIT
SC: soundcloud.com/itsbanditb
Bandcamp: ebandit.bandcamp.com

This is nldsolutions

This is what Urban Digital Radio is supposed to sound like. We spin the whole record with no talking over it. We play Hip-Hop, RnB, House, Reggae, Funk, Urban Jazz, Pop, Ol' Skool, and Gospel.
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