Psyco Sid @PsycoSid_SoKul - "PSYCO!!!" Official Video (HD)

Rising to set the bar, Psyco Sid has begun a journey that now stands him firmly on a plateau, on which he intends to awe and captivate the masses with his never seen before talent, demeanor, and music creativity. Born (Sidney Wiley; May 3, 1983), manufactured and groomed in the Third Ward community of Houston Texas, Psyco Sid unknowingly crafted a one of a kind musical artistic gift that baffles and bewilders any ear that falls within range of its frequency. With the confidence, uncompromising intelligence, charm, and musical maturity that this street savvy artist embodies, his journey will certainly be one that is watched, followed and admired by the masses.

The rap world as we know it now sits at an unseen and unusual pivotal point. In the face of shrinking budgets, over-extended music executives set out in search for the next YouTube sensation with a catchy hook and dance moves in order to amass digital single sales. In this era of music, the industry’s meltdown has many artists looking for and accepting the “single deals”. Majority of them fail to break through, and others fail to stay relevant after the emergence of their single. Psyco as an artist is patiently consistent and persistent on making music that not only entrance and gives substance to the mind, but moves the inner being of people. Growing up in Houston’s historic inner city neighborhood Third Ward during the 90’s, Psyco’s personality and talent was molded and shaped by family and neighborhood cultures, along with general statistics that had a positive and negative effect. Understanding this gift is what allows the energy, foresight, intensity and passion of Psyco’s music to manifest the way it does.

Psyco Sid
"PSYCO!!!" Official Video (HD)
TT.I.M.E the Mixtape (Available NOW!!!!)
SoKul Entertainment
Houston, Texas
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