J-Twon - "Ride with me"

J-Twon is an up and coming artist on the rap/hip hop scene. The proud native of Fort Worth Texas whom was raised in the Forest Hill area, finally achieved a personal goal of releasing his first public music single "Thumb Thuggin" off of the "Ride with Me" EP that’s soon to be released late August of 2016.

Although new to the public eye, writing and producing music was an on and off span of 15 years to the persistent J-Twon. Years of trial and error has certainly shined a light on the saying "If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself". Positive messages and informative content is the main focus of his music, which has been inspired by hip hop story tellers of the mid 80's to late 90's.

J-Twon joined the military and was stationed in Fort Carson Co, and continued his production in his basement. As life changed consistently around him, it never stopped his ambition and determination, and the love for making music. Now back home in the great state of Texas, his determination continues.

"Ride with me" from his newly released EP called "Ride with me-EP". The EP/album can be purchased on ITunes, Amazon, Google Play, and available wherever digital music can be purchased or stream. 

Can be seen on facebook as J-Twon. 

Also on the website www.j-twon.com

Personal contact info(Business only) tjhill05@outlook.com

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