PhillyTF @i_am_phillytf @phillytf - "Slide On Em Ft. AR" (Christian Rap)

PhillyTF has aspired to elevate Christian rap music to an entirely different level, that level being labeled "message music!" Armed with The Lord, family, and a mindset of being D.O.P.E. (Disciple On Planet Earth); PhillyTF is destined to encourage, move, and motivate people; all while leaving a major impact on the world. This impact also includes reinventing, re-planting, and rehabbing the culture and society. Philly’s talent for music increased after experiencing the harsh realities of the selling and distributing narcotics, sexual temptations, foolish decisions, doing secular music, and all of the negativity affecting his: community, family, children, peers, and even his very own life. 

Not only is Philly an inspiration on the mic, avid studier of the Word of God, but he is also a force to be reckoned with on the hardwood (basketball). Philly has played basketball all of his life, In fact, Philly has had the opportunity to play on the Nike Midwest All-American team, attend a semi-pro basketball tryout being the youngest (18) invited for the tryout, and he has been covered in numerous national and local recruiting basketball talent magazines. Philly is also no chump academically as he attained his associate degree in Liberal Arts & Social Sciences making the dean’s list numerous quarters, receiving an honor's society medal, and having been accepted to prestigious University of Dayton! 

Now Philly helps mentor the younger generation with his faith in Jesus Christ, musical gift, and love of the game of basketball; instilling discipline, dedication and drive into those he is centered around. Coupled with music and basketball, Philly is a firm follower of Jesus Christ, loving father, business owner and student. Given all the adversities that he has encountered, Philly is determined to never stop. “My music is all reflective of God my Father, my testimony, my life, and all the things I go and been through. 

This is why I believe the musical gift God has graciously allowed me to posses will touch, bless, save, inspire, and help many people. It is easy to rap, speak, and sing about the obvious, but at the end of the day, if my music is not reflective of my walk with The Lord in how I carry myself, and if it did not impact or change someone’s life, I have failed my mission and calling.“ 

Lastly with God fearing parents, mentor and business partner Evan Howard, Philly has everything he needs to make a difference. “Jesus Christ changed lives, at the end of the day, I have HUGE shoes to fill; The Lord said "You shall do the WORKS I have done, and GREATER WORKS than these you shall do because I go to The Father." I’m just thankful for the opportunity to be a servant and to please Him –God! #AllMySessionsDOPE

IG: @phillytf
Twitter: @i_am_phillytf
Snap Chat: Official_Phillytf

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