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Jamesha Powell, professionally known as @MeshBanga or Mesh, is a 20 year old music artist from Richmond, CA who began her career in high school as part of a much larger clique before becoming a solo artist. Mesh, who describes her music style as a bit urban, edgy, and pop, notes fellow artist, Remy Ma and Drake, as a major influence on her style of music. When asked why those artist are such an influence, Mesh has been quoted as saying, "[Remy Ma] had a MAJOR influence on me, just to see that it was okay to be a bit hard, but at the same time being gorgeous while doing it" and quoted as saying "Drake can still spit, however, like him, I want to make popular music!"     
Mesh remembers her earliest memory of getting involved with music as writing and recording her first song titled, "So Fresh", as early as middle school. With the feedback she received from peers coupled with her dedication to her craft, she started writing more verses, daily, practicing her flow and eventually ventured off into making beats. Mesh wants to make sure her music is catchy and a style that people can party and even relax and ride to when they're listening. Not wanting to be boxed into one category of music, Mesh likes to explore new genres as an artist and test her talents on different types of music production, making her very flexible in her craft. She feels it's a blessing to have the ability to be able to create music so others can enjoy and relate to her craft.
Currently, Mesh is working hard in the studio building up her catalog of songs to release in 2016. Her last project released (Dec 2015) was the EP titled “Breakin’ All Tha Rulez” with lead songs “Approach Me” (produced by Nate Gold Did-It), “Problems” (produced by Rajeo), and her new song featuring Julie'A titled "United We Stand (We Are One)" which is a song she created in response to her awakening as a woman with a voice for today's young generation movement! Mesh states her ultimate goal, in both music and life, is to be an be remembered as one of the greatest artists and people in the world; she is definitely an artist to watch.

Instagram/Twitter: @MeshBanga

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