Little Pink Houses of Atlanta, LLC @littlepinkhousesofatlanta

Little Pink Houses of Atlanta, LLC is a Veteran owned company serving the following:

• Realtors, Brokers, Anyone with Any of the Below: $1000 Referral Fee (ask about our $2000 bonus)!
• Sellers with Failed MLS Listings or Home STILL on the Market
• Buyers Who Can Afford a Home but Did Not Qualify For A Mortgage
• Flippers/Land Lords/Investors/Everyone: Sell Now!
• Apprentices Needed! $1,000 to $5,000 per month!

Our innovative Executive Lease Purchase platform creates a win-win home sale solution for both the buyer and the seller unlike any traditional lease option or rent to own program. We service a very specific niche of buyers focused on the 20% of buyers who could get a mortgage pre-2008 crash, and now, can afford a home, but cannot qualify today due to the changes.  

For the seller, we take no commission from the seller! Thus, we create a winning situation as we service an untapped niche that makes us very different from traditional home sales as we can provide these sellers with these executive level buyers, small business owners, entrepreneurs, and many others who can afford to buy a home move in today! We have a very specific program that gives the seller every bit of confidence, that their home will not only sell, but they will maximize their profit, savings, and get the price offer they were looking for all WITHOUT the burden of a commission and, in many cases, are not required to pay closing costs.

Thanks to the ‘mortgage meltdown’ and subsequent government regulations, getting a mortgage today can be very difficult. Statistically, almost 80% of our population cannot walk into a bank today and qualify for a loan; And not everyone can plunk down 20% cash to buy.
We have solved this problem with our innovative lease purchase program where Sellers save in many ways to include No Commission!

• We work with buyers who can afford 5% to 10% down and are looking for a home just like yours. This is a purchaser NOT a renter. You are NOT a land lord and will be cashed out in 6-12 months as soon as financing is secured.  
• Monthly payments create additional income on top of your home sale price.
• Buyers get a full due diligence package, mortgage readiness, and monthly financial blueprints.
• Homes from $150,000 to $999,000. $1,000 to $2,000 referrals to realtors who find buyers or sellers who complete our program.
• Buyers Get into your FOREVER HOME TODAY! Great areas! Great schools!
• We provide MORTGAGE READINESS while you enjoy your FOREVER HOME NOW!!
• From Alpharetta to Suwanee to Sandy Springs to Fayetteville, and more! 
• Count on us. We'll not only get you into your new home via our Executive Lease Purchase program (slightly similar to Rent to Own) we will put you on the path to qualify. 
• We provide a "bridge" to permanent financing while you make monthly payments until you are able to secure your financing. 

Check out our inventory at 

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Call 24/7: 877-346-PINK (7465)

***Apprentice or Intern Needed***
Little Pink Houses of Atlanta, LLC

Home and Property Solutions Company looking for an apprentice or intern. 
Ideal candidate has technical acumen, is well spoken, energetic, and highly motivated professional with excellent verbal and written skills.

Preferred skills include (at least one): Advertising, Sales, Marketing, Web Publishing, Google Ads, Hootsuite, Blogging, Facebook Business, Twitter for Business, Youtube for Business, PowerPoint, Excel, Telemarketing, Real Estate, some College, etc.

Commission Based: $1,000 to $5,000 per month.

If you have at least one of the skills above or similar, please email resume to 

Call or Text Today: 470-588-PINK (7465)

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