P Tizi Living D’life @ptiziworld - "FULLY LOADED"

P Tizi Living D'life - Recording Artist/Producer/Writer/Director
Location: Florida/Ohio

P Tizi Living D’life creates music for listeners who spend a good amount of time playing radio station hop-scotch on the way to class, work, or any commute looking to satisfy their taste for gritty urban and catchy songs. That’s because he creates music that has a futuristic rap meets soul meets pop sound thanks to how he overlays often self-produced or co-produced songs with self-written vocals, and all of that can be heard on his debut, Winter.
Presenting a colorful array of songs that are primarily rap with a fusion of soul, rock and EDM. 

P Tizi Living D’life is a show stopper and a crowd favorite. Winter presents all of the above and more, and can make listeners dance wild while reflecting on past times or inspiring them in a new way. On top of creating tracks that cross genres for listeners from across the spectrum’s, he directs and edits eye-popping, invigorating, artistic videos such as “I Am Not To Be Touched,” “Graduate Ready” and “I Go Rambo.”
Winter is available now for streaming on Apple Music, Spotify, and Soundcloud where has accumulated over four million plays in just two months with no promotion, and also available for purchase on iTunes, Amazon Music, Billboard Music Store, and various other online stores in various formats worldwide.

Born at the end of 1993 in Ohio’s reoccurring murder capital Youngstown, Ohio and partially raised in Pro Football Hall of Fame location Canton P Tizi Living D’life  later made his home in Tampa, Florida. That is where he found a love for Reggae and other popular genres. During a visit back to Ohio, he was arrested and during his time on the inside he took to writing music. His time locked up, his father’s murder, and more – all of that is what he pulls from when he puts pen to paper and what comes through when he creates his music that ranges a wide variety of styles. His emotive lyrics and cascade of genres can be found on his debut, Winter.


EPK and Music: https://www.sonicbids.com/band/ptizi/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ptizimusickofficial

Twitter @ptiziworld : https://twitter.com/ptiziworld 

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