“You will never win if you never begin” Helen Rowland

Life is a precious gift even more so when you live out your dreams. So many people thru ought their lives waste their time thinking about what it could be and yet there are the others who live out what it is. No better example of this is the digital rock artist known a Stuart Hollinger.

Stuart hails from the islands of Hawaii. Although distant from the main center cores of the grand music Mecca’s such as New York or Los Angeles, Stuart always set his vision to greatness.

At a very early age Stuart began playing the guitar. His passions turned into reality when he joined a local band and began to tour. That experience gave him the certification this was his calling.

He quickly embarked himself into the world of music and after several long days into nights at a local hometown studio on the island he created a sound for himself in which he has become recognized and acclaimed for having won THE BEST ROCK ALBUM IN HAWAII 2014 and 2016.

“The internet has been such a blessing” says Stuart Hollinger “it enabled me to search and connect with people I could never imagine and expose my music, this is how I recently got signed to New York Digital Label AFFLUENT RECORDS. “

“Stuart has a lot of great singles in his library, after hearing some of his selection I knew he would benefit here at Affluent if we worked with him distributing his music on a bigger scale and opening up licensing opportunities” says CEO Oscar Sanchez.


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