THONIO @ItsThonioHomie - Tell U Sum Feat. June B

Born Anthonio Ray Williams Son of Anthony Ray Williams & Katherine L. Way, Thonio is A multi-talented and dimensional artist beyond compare. His lyrical ability mixed with his soulful singing is the perfect combination for complete song structure. Strong hooks mixed with vivid word play and southern aura automatically grab listeners attention as he glides over smooth bass booming tracks. 

Thonio was discovered by multi-platinum producer Darrell "Digga" Branch of Sixfigga Ent. right after a almost fatal car crash crushing the bones in his face & knocking out his front teeth costing The struggling artist 80,000 dollars in facial reconsructive Plastic surgery he still found the energy & focus to meet with The Incredible Producer Digga & amaze him while rapping with stitches in his face & missing teeth. The sky is the limit as Anthonio Williams continues to push the boundaries ... 

Being From Little Rock Ark, This Southern artist is not your average southern artist he creates in all different styles, arts & genres of music. Thonio's creative process is as organic as they come, he doesn't Box himself into to a specific sound ... he doesn't judge or stress about what others think of what he is creating if he likes the sound of it he runs with it period. his music is completely based on emotions & situations very often it is life & experience motivated. Thonio captures what he goes through on a day to day basis, Weather it be a great movie, good or bad life experiences they are all captured in his sound .... but he actually does border on the lines of insanity & fantasy having a hard & terrible child hood growing up Thonio escapes from those thoughts & memories by creating music. Thonio spends a massive amount of time imagining a place better than his childhood was or even imagining himself somewhere different than his present & current reality ... Grab a seat & Hang on because the ride twist, turns, goes up down & around you never know what you may hear ... Just enjoy the sounds ... 

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