Ziearre @OfficialZiearre - "High School"

"High School" by Ziearre 

A New York boy, who grew up in Brooklyn was destine to become the young warrior of words and inspiration to youth.  Ziearre expressed a love for music at the early age of 3.   This sparked the beginning of Ziearre's journey.  As he matured and his gifts were revealed, he proved that he was not your typical entertainer, but a creator and a messenger. He explains, “I started writing songs in my head, hearing melodies and music all around me. The musical ideas just came to me, and I couldn’t turn it off.”

A life threatening event was the turning point in Ziearre’s  life, and he realized that he had a greater purpose. He describes his purpose, “I knew that I had something to share with youth. I knew that my purpose would be to empower youth to believe in something   greater than themselves.” His commitment to become “the voice, the messenger” is the driving force behind his music. Almost immediately, he began to express a desire to record his unique messages.  He began recording in the studio releasing the melodic sounds and hypnotic verses. Ziearre was honored to have the opportunity to be mentored by Eric "Coptic" Matlock renowned industry producer and creative genius behind Brooklyn Bridge Entertainment.  This mentorship would help him build his gift more. He shares, “I feel so blessed to have someone, like Mr. Matlock available to share his wisdom with me. God has truly surrounded me with the best.”

Now, Ziearre is recording religiously.  He is taking his influences, like Michael Jackson, Kirk Franklin, Kendrick Lamar, Tye Tribett, Yolanda Adams, Mary Mary and using them to create his own unique style. “I grew up listening to a variety of music,” Ziearre explains, “Although my mom and dad only played gospel music in their home, a lot of my family members played secular music. I naturally connected to good, meaningful, quality music; there’s a rawness and agelessness to it that I’ve always really loved.”

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