King Camil @KINGCAMIL - Sooner Or Later

King Camil  - Sooner Or Later

King Camil the Rapper/Producer/Promoter/Engineer from Kankakee Illinois #OutsideOfChicago is making his presence well known. King Camil has produced the majority of his own music but also working with Grammy Nominated producer Vudu Spellz. 

King Camil met with Lenny S at Rocnation who stated his music has "Everything That He Looks For" though no deal was inked after the fact he said that they were watching so he dropped his most recent project earlier this year called #RocIsWatching. Previous projects from King Camil include #MidWestCoast a 30 song album featuring Snoop Dogg and a jaw dropping 50 song album #SayItWitYaChess featuring TPain showing his passion and multitude of hard work. 

King Camil has been featured in XXL Magazine, Hip Hop Weekly, WSHH, AllHipHop & Vladtv YouTube Channel to name a few, just google King Camil and you will see what I mean. King Camil also was featured in the Movie "Coalition" with Raekwon from Wu-Tang. #KingCamil also recently released a soulful and beautiful album tribute to his mother who passed from cancer entiteled M.O.M. AVAILABLE NOW

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