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The artist known as Problemattic was born Matthew Reeves, in the Northeastern Ohio town of Warren Ohio, the second of five children. Growing up was pretty rough, his Dad was incarcerated most of his whole childhood. ProbleMattic was raised by his mother and stayed in and out of the juvenile court system. At the age of 8 his grandmother got him his first cassette, which was a tape of Tupac Shakur and from then on he was hooked to the powerful expression of hip hop music.

Shortly thereafter his mom lost all her children because of men and drugs, he and his siblings were taken from her and he was tossed around in the system, going from foster home to foster home.

Everybody that encountered young ProbleMattic all said the same thing; he was hyperactive and out of control. So with that stigma attached to him, from the age of 10 to age 16 he was placed in the group home at Warren County Children Services, the one whose address was on "Reeves" Rd, (destiny right?). ProbleMattic started rebelling at age 14 and fought with all the other kids and ran away often. He spent a total of two years in the juvenile justice system. At 16 he got released from the group home and sent back to his mother, where he met a few street hustlers that showed him the ropes and introduced him to the gritty ways of street life.

Problemattic had a life changing moment at age 17 when his friend and brother in law killed himself in front of his sister and two small children. The personal emotional & psychological impact of that was immediate. He decided at that time to get out of the streets and stop selling drugs for money and began a steady job working in the telemarketing field. After working for a few years, he met a woman, fell in love and they had four children together. The two of them were off and on romantically for 5 years while he spent most of his free time working on his music.

They separated in 2015 and ProbleMattic got even more serious and put all his time in energy into his music and creating a collection of his work to share with the public. His mixtape project came out of this re- dedication and focus and was aptly named "The Arrival". The mixtape was completed and released in mid- 2016. He is currently working on his debut album tentatively entitled "The Sideshow" and dedicating 100% of his available time to his music and career. I think he has a great future ahead of him. Listen to his music and support this new artist by purchasing his songs featured in the music tab.

As A&R for Cleveland Unlimited Records, My job gives me the opportunity to discover exciting new talent. After listening to his music, it became obvious that I was listening to an incredible original artist with his own unique and refreshing style. I extended an invitation to Matthew to come to our Cleveland Ohio studio and offices. We sat down and discussed his vision as an artist, his goals and aspirations. We came to contractual terms and he signed with the label. His debut single is entitled "Told Ya " and will be available on TIDAL, iTunes and other leading international digital platforms upon its release in mid January of 2017. Be sure to watch for it. We welcome Matthew to the Cleveland Unlimited Records family and we hope to work with this dynamic artist for years to come.    -- The Real Gregory Beasley

Now, let's get to the music. C-Town Records proudly presents ...ProbleMattic.  #Enjoy!

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