J Hyfe @j_hyfe - "Dance For Me"

Relentless Hustler Entertainment, Inc. Announces New Single "Dance For Me" Release by artist J Hyfe
"Dance for Me" by J Hyfe is receiving rave reviews and serves as a reintroduction of a talented artist with a great catalog of music ready to be shared with the world.  The song has a chill, yet funky rhyme with a funky style to it that will keep it's audience entertained and guessing where J Hyfe is taking them. Relax to it's vibe and tempo, yet you can also dance to it. Very interesting song!!!

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It all started with a beat that inspired him to pick up the mic and express himself, and the rest as they say was history. J Hyfe A.K.A. Leche was raised in Portland Oregon, but was born in Nigeria. Due to the fact that his father passed away before entering the world, his life was a has been a struggle. He was raised in a single parent home with brothers and sisters. J Hyfe being the youngest he had to sit back and watch a lot of hardship without the knowledge or power to make things better for himself, mom, or siblings.

Fortunately, J Hyfe discovered sports which kept him out of trouble while growing up and gave him something to focus on. The love of music was a coincidental, he loved beats and he knew what to do with them. His freshmen year he moved to Chesapeake, Virginia. This opportunity afforded him a chance to spend a lot of time with his older brother “Chin,” who already was involved with the underground music scene. His brother had Fruity Loops Studio 8 on his computer, which he didn't take the time to figure out so J Hyfe tried his luck with it. Quickly teaching himself how to utilize the program, he started producing mass amount of beats. His friend “Ace” gave him the nickname Taz so he named his beats “Taz Beats.” The beats just sat there, so why not make good use of them? So thats what he did.

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