Jazzmyn RED @JazzmynRED - “Positive Vibes Only”

As the lead single taken from Jazzmyn RED’s sophomore LP, Writing HERstory, the Taunton, MA-based poet/emcee delivers a passionately written track, “Positive Vibes Only,” that’s just as uplifting as it is infectious.

“Positive Vibes Only” is also an important reminder that as dark and horrible as life may seem at times, there’s someone out there who can relate to what you’re going through. And RED makes her point not through condescension or holier-than-thou messaging; rather, she pens down-to-earth verses and spits with a smooth, soulful clarity.

She’s not afraid to grit her teeth in the face of struggles faced by her community, though, and she makes that clear toward the end of the track when she rhymes: “Don’t want to see my son shot dead in the city/ I don’t ever wanna hear my daughter say she’s not pretty/ I’m sick of the negativity, positive vibes only/ I might stand alone, but I know I’m never lonely.”

“Positive Vibes Only” also succeeds thanks to its musing and sonically rich instrumental from Cambridge, Mass. producer, The Arcitype, whose previous collaborators include the likes of Jared Evan, Slaine, Kool G. Rap, Scarface, and the late Sean Price, among others. He’s clearly a strong fit for Jazzmyn, who fortunately lends his talents to another track featured on, Writing HERstory.

Writing HERstory (Smart URL): http://smarturl.it/WritingHERstory


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