Avid Roots @AvidRoots - "Light In You"

Joe Nance is an artist with a truly positive outlook on his music. His vision is simple: inspiring, motivating and encouraging people with feel good vibes, as well as sharing his experiences. Joe’s music is heavily influenced by classic hip-hop, although there is much more to his sound, as he blends various instruments to spice up his mix.

While attending San Jose State University Joe studied English and minored in radio, television, film and theater. He is the author of "Images of the Mind, Words of the Heart" a collection of poetry compiled while he was still a student. As a member of the San Jose State Film Production Society, Joe wrote and directed his first student film which won best drama and audience choice awards, and has numerous writing and directing credits under his belt.
Also, known for his poetic lyrics and insightful songwriting, Joe sets out to touch the minds and hearts of listeners with his inspiring sounds. In 2010, Nance met music producing pair Justin Tada and Kendrick Uemura. Where a one song collaboration lead them to producing multiple songs together and eventually the three started Avid Roots Entertainment. 

Joe Nance is an artist on a mission: sharing his story and inspiring as many people as possible with his music. Moving forward Joe strives to grow and master his craft, creating quality content. He and his team ultimately would like to build a community that supports well-being and personal growth.

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