J-Carter - Time to Shine #New Jersey #JCarter

My name is J-Carter based out of New Jersey. I began my musical journey writing lyrics at the age of 13. My musical influences are motivated by a conglomerate of hiphop artists that have came on the world scene the past 30 years. My music is a blend of an old school feel mixed in with the new contemporary feel of hiphop, but I strive to maintain my own style and voice to separate myself from the playing field. 

Although, Time to Shine is my first album I'm releasing to the public, I have been in the rap game for quite some time. It was only now that the realization of the world needing to hear a new voice and perspective, brought me out of the wilderness and into the forefront of hiphop. To not only contribute to the overall success of hiphop, but to also make my mark in a genre that can influence the minds of many. Time to Shine has been in the works for nearly 2 years now, and now it's here to hopefully shed light on all aspects of the world we live in.

Jerome Carter 

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