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Born and raised in Lisbon, Portugal, musician, songwriter, and record producer Mike11 (Mike Eleven) discovered his musical calling at the age of 10 while watching a singing talent show on television. Captivated by the sincere passion displayed in the songs and beautiful melodies, Mike11 sought out to become a Fado singer, but it wasn’t long before the talented musician trained and excelled in playing the Portuguese Guitar.
Guided under the direction of acclaimed Portuguese guitarist Arménio de Melo, Mike11 took it upon himself to learn as much as he could about the instrument diligently honing his craft at every opportunity.
Early in Mike11’s youth and musical career, as he progressed in his studies of the guitar, things began to fall into place for him. Not long after studying under the instruction of del Melo, Mike11 met Portuguese Guitar legend Carlos Gonçalves – his most significant reference, and one of Mike11’s greatest encouragers and supporters during that time. After years of training and perfecting his craft, Mike11 began performing at some of the most prestigious Fado Houses in Lisbon including O Faia, Luso, and Mesa de Frades. In 2012, at the age of 15, Mike11 was honored with the Revelation Award at Amalia Rodrigues Awards. A regular presence throughout the finest Fado Houses in Lisbon, Mike11 is part of the new generation of guitarists that emerged at the beginning of the 21st century.
Over the years, Mike11 has performed on dozens of stages sharing his fresh and unique interpretation of music, largely influenced by the likes of artists such as Michael Jackson, Jimi Hendrix, and Johnny Depp. Mike11’s ambition lies in carving out his own path and creating music the way he hears it. With this newfound creativity and desire to stand out from other musicians, Mike11’s signature style has opened up the doors for the rising star. He has toured with the most notable Portuguese and international singers.
As he continued to refine his sound, Mike11 started implementing other genres of music including R&B and Hip-Hop. His interest in other genres allowed him to expand his artistry bringing his style to an entirely different level. Mike11 started to challenge himself. As he reflected on the past, he began to realize that he wanted to create something no one has ever heard before. Fueled by his innovative spirit, Mike11 stepped out of his comfort zone to bring his sound to the world. Armed with his Portuguese guitar, Mike11 started posting his freestyling videos on Instagram and Facebook, which helped introduce his music to an International audience of supporters and fans.
In 2017, Mike11 hit the studio to begin working on ideas for his debut album. It was during the creative process when he thought about teaming with 8x Grammy Award-winning producer Scott Storch for his new project. As work on the album began, R&B superstar Jeremih was also brought on board to lend his vocals for Mike11’s upcoming single release. Mike11’s album is slated to debut in 2018 and will feature internationally acclaimed artists and collaborations in addition to solo tracks. Recently, Mike11 has been invited to perform at notable venues and events in Portugal. Mike11 invites music lovers to experience his fresh and unforgettable new sound.

#MyTata #MyTataSong #Mike11 #Jeremih #Scott Storch

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