Melvin “Doc” Barton - Pray

Melvin “Doc” Barton  - Pray 

“Doc is pure walking music. Anyone who has seen him play, the bass guitar or the keyboards, know it’s a remarkable experience. Everything about him says music. It radiates from him and you can’t help but pat your feet, bop your head and get caught up in his playing.” 

- Cheryl Barton, Exec Director ‘Sisters About Making Move’s Worldwide’ 

Doc with Walter Chiles co-foundered the LTG Exchange: A seminal group in the early days of disco, one who blended together elements of funk, Latin, jazz and up-tempo soul, into a grove that was one of the hippest on the New York scene. After “the road”, Doc returned to his home church United Baptist Church of Baltimore and to Old Landmark Baptist Church. At these churches, he played bass guitar, piano and later organ after he accepted the position of Minister of Music. Doc received an Honorary Masters of Gospel Music Degree from a Baltimore Seminary. Doc moved to North Carolina in 1996. He came to Mt. Olive Missionary Baptist Church (Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God). He has worked faithfully in their music department as pianist for the Children’s Choir and the Children’s Church for over 21 years.

THE RELEASE “Pray” is an upbeat gospel song that allows you to relax and at the same time makes you want to get up and dance. With an introduction that tugs at the heart and soul of every lover of Traditional Gospel music, it progresses to a chord structure and driving rhythm that’s fresh and new to today’s Contemporary Gospel music. Its music and lyrics are designed to inspire the listener to sing along, clap their hands, pat their feet and, of course, pray. Pray features the digital recording debut of powerful Gospel singers Jackie Hart and Ministers Valerie Snead and Leslie Snead-Blocker

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