Sandra Farrel Feat. Anthony Smith @forever_write - Father

Sandra Farrell is a new comer to Reggae Music, but she is as interesting as any in the business of reggae and show business, she’s hot , talented and super unique.. Sandra Farrell is a caucasion female born on the west coast of Canada in Newfoundland, and raised in Toronto ON Canada. Sandra cha cha gal farrel nicknamed for her flashy dressing (by those who were closest to her). She was introduced to Jamaican Patwa by a Record producer Ralph Staples and later to Reggae music. She was thrilled at first speaking Patwa and then later super excited at the idea of becoming a Reggae dancehalll Artist. Sandra made several visits to Jamaica and even the islanders were shocked at her talent. They love to hear speak and many thought she was born on the island of Jamaica. It was one day that Ralph and Sandra were hanging out when Ralph asked Her to try out on a Reggae beat. 
At first she not only taught it was funny, but also impossible. Being a caucasian female, to become a dancehall rapper is something that Sandra never dreamed possible. Ralph insisted that she continue to try and she kept getting better and better under kind and patient coaching from Ralph . After months of practicing , it was time to record her first song. The experience as she desribes it was like walking into a great light of reality wondering if was a dream.
She was going to put all her practice to new level, The professional page of this new chapter that was slowly coming together . She was glad to take on challenge to unfold the opportunites to be a potential reggae star.
She created a buzz when she first appeared on the studio scene. Not only was she a female trying out game that is dominated by men, she was a white girl from the west coast of Canada. Sandra had the confidence of a talented writer behind her. Although she was doubtful and times , she was also beamimg with exicitement. She was now begining to realize the possibilities of potential success and also beating the odds. This proud recording artist who is buzzing with confidence and a bright view into the future . She practicing harder than ever is thrilled at the idea of recording some fresh songs for 2018. Father is her first single and can be found all major online stores

Song: Father

Artist Sandra Farrel Feat. Anthony Smith
Label: Verbal Music Inc
Twitter @forever_write

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