natalijia @natalijiamusic - "Self Love"

Natalijia @natalijiamusic - "Self Love"

Frequently being called a rebel growing up, and being allotted the space and tools to transmute and evolve in art cultured environments, are a few of the events that led to the shaping of Natalijia’s profound approach and demeanor towards her artistry. Her music is a collection of real life events, ready to take you on a tour through her vivid exhibit of truths and realizations. 

Her intense sentimentality and rich vocal aura, revved up with her desire to be brutally honesty and present with her journey, all collectively aid in the authenticity that pours from her music. She’s intrigued by innovation, and inspired by a wide range of artist of genres such as R&B, Jazz, Country, Blues, Gospel, Pop, Rock, Alternative Rock, and etc. 

She enjoys collaboration, and as a result of that she’s been all over the states from Florida, to Texas, Wisconsin, Los Angeles, and more working with virtuoso’s that help bring her musical ideas into fruition. Majority of her life she resided in Milwaukee WI, which is where she got her start, performing locally, recording, and practicing to perfect her craft. 

Singing and creating, has been her “thing” since age 11. Some of her background includes singing in public school choirs from age 11-18, and then thereafter occasionally financing private lessons any chance she could. She picks up the guitar from time to time to accompany herself during songwriting. She is currently in the process of recording an EP following her debut single, “Self Love.” Stay tuned

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