Pdash a.k.a Pda Tryffa @pdash01 - Super Dad

Pdash a.k.a Pda Tryffa 

Its 2018 and its the peak of the mountain for a talented mc/c.e.o of Ink House Entertainment. The era of Hip hop has shifted but the anchor has managed to keep the true to self structure to P Dash a.k.a Pda Tryffa at bay. The South Carolina southern mc became a master of his own craft.

Nothing has come easy for the independent recording artist.It was the countless instrumentals he would rhyme over to exercise his craft,or maybe the times in class writing instead of taking notes,and getting them from classmates.

The determination was in his eyes, that he wanted to reach perfection in his craft. The indie star went through a transformation in harnessing his musical abilities. Now with radio play throughout the southeastern region to over seas, the slots on coast 2 coast mix tapes. The rising star is becoming something much greater than any one would have predicted him to be. 

Which brings him to his present situation of being the founder and c.e.o of Ink-house Entertainment ,and the released of his most recent album "MOMENT OF TRUTH" released May 31st 2013. This album out of all his 9 independent lps,proves his position and rank from the graduation, yet celebration of independent underground status. A definite all star /rookie first round drafted to your favorites in your playlist. 

contact# 864.318.0689

Twitter  1Pdash


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