BUSY BEE ft. LORD DIGGA "SMOKE ON" off of 08 Music/ Universal Hip Hop Museum
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Legendary rapper and hip-hop founding father Busy Bee has been rapping since the days of park jams, but decades after his infamous battle with Kool Moe Dee at Harlem World and co-starring in the landmark film Wild Style, he is still rocking the mic. With Busy’s newest single “Smoke On,” a boogie down ode to mean green and chilled times anchored by a blunted beat and his cool vocals, the old school rapper proves that he is still relevant. Recorded in Baltimore at 08Music Studios by producers Frank Johnson & Dannie Satterfield and available everywhere online (iTunes, Amazon and more) , the booming song is Busy’s way of paying homage to the stoners, the growers, farmers and others involved in the business of buds.
“With all the legalization happening across the country, I was inspired to record a marijuana national anthem,” Busy Bee says. “As you know, weed isn’t just about stoners these days. There are many cancer patients as well as others who use marijuana as medicine.” In addition to Busy’s hazy rhymes on “Smoke On,” the rapper is joined on mic with his boys Real One and Lord Digga. Not only are they dope rappers, but the trio who have hung together at various weed festivals. “These guys are my friends and, for the longest we’ve talked about collaborating on a project,” Busy Bee explains. “This was the perfect opportunity for us to do our thing, have a little fun and 

“Smoke On” comes thirty years after Busy’s 1988 album debut Running Thangs
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