Young D @YoungD313 reps Detroit with new album "Dont Sleep", and new single "How That Feel"

Young D reps Detroit with new album ‘Don’t Sleep,’ and new single ‘How That Feel’

DETROIT, MI – Young D is an artist who wants to be known for controversy and for doing something different. He wants to make an impact on the music industry, but he wants to do it differently than anyone else. That’s why there are so many unique sounds and styles on his new album, “Don’t Sleep,” which is slated to be released on April 20. 

“There all kinds of different stuff on this one album,” Young D said. “There’s jazz rap, rock rap, a lot of trap, singing, pop songs, love songs, and just a little bit of everything. I’m trying to keep it different and keep everybody’s attention, so that it’s not just for one specific group of people but can really broaden my horizons. My hope is that you can listen to me no matter what genre of music you like and enjoy what I have to offer.”

Young D’s trademark jazz rap is a sound that has been turning heads recently and gaining the attention of A&Rs all over the country. It’s a sound and style that he said most people find surprising, and one that he started developing early on in his career. At age 14 he was intrigued by instrumentals and began to teach himself how to play piano. Soon after that he started producing his own beats, and the more beats he created the more song lyrics floated in his head so that soon he was writing his own songs, as well. It came natural to him, and before long he was pumping out one chorus after another. The day he discovered some jazz beats was the day he found his signature sound, and he hasn’t looked back since. 

“My variety and my voice definitely make me stand out,” he said. “Most people say I should be a radio personality. I have the voice for it. Add to that the way I write music and how I can write anything, from rock to country to just about anything. I’m a fantastic songwriter.”

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