Lord Roka - "Black God In Japan" @lord.roka

Lord Roka - "Black God In Japan" @lord.roka

Lord Roka: In Authority over the wave of my OWN Creativity.

Danny Antonio Arana (born May 28, 1988) known by his stage name Lord Roka is an American born rapper and songwriter. Having his beginnings as an artist in 1998 at age ten, when he heard Jay-Z; “Big Pimpin”; for the first time, he made up his mind that he wanted to rap. Roka never knew he would have a tremendous and consistent passion for hip hop music. 

His buzz grew in Los Angeles in 2011, when he released the mixtape “Year of Elevation & Appreciation: A View For The Women” an appreciative, romantic and heartfelt series of songs which captured the hearts of many of his women fans and has put him on top as one of the most influential and versatile recording artist on the WestCoast. 

He is also known for his project “My Evolutionary Gift”, which contained the song “Dinosaurs & Robots” which he recently shot a music video for and has gained him great attention for his lyricism and storytelling. He was first known as “D’ROK” but later changing it to “Lord Roka” in 2016. “I wanted a name with a strong meaning, a name that I know would fit

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