(VIK-TOR) has gone from the boy next door to the boy on the dance floor

"I've always been surrounded by music and pretty much every aspect of the entertainment since childhood. Music was like a lover of mine that I can create to release into the world to help inspire."  

Washington, D.C. native Victor Estes best known by his stage name (VIK-TOR) has gone from the boy next door to the boy on the dance floor with his over the top fashions, pop/rock, R&B, and EDM influence. 

At the age of 9, VIK-TOR self-taught himself how to play the piano and guitar. However, VIK-TOR wanted more than his typical classical playing of Mozart and Beethoven. So by the age of 15, he started writing and composing music of his own various styles. 

VIK-TOR’s music comes from a place of raw emotion, with each song crafted around originationality and topped with words that reflect not just his own, but listeners as well. His purpose is to help others overcome the lows of life, helping them to excel to a pinnacle of perseverance. 

VIK-TOR is working on his long awaited album Reaction. Creating a mash-up of “Lady GaGa’s” dance music and the melancholy sounds of “The Weekend ”- ensuring that there’s something for everyone whether it be on the album or live shows.

"Intro" for "Reaction" and Album on youtube.Audio Introduction!

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Address:255 16th st se Washington D.C. 2000

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